Definition of mic drop in English:

mic drop


  • 1An instance of deliberately dropping or tossing aside one's microphone at the end of a performance or speech one considers to have been particularly impressive.

    ‘he ruffled some feathers with his acceptance speech and mic drop after winning the Best British Album award’
    figurative ‘the final track is the ultimate mic drop’
    • ‘Last night after his incredible series-ending buzzer-beater against Houston, Damian Lillard got the crowd in Portland going with the ultimate mic drop.’
    • ‘Hannah does an epic mic drop at GQ as Jessa swoops in to snag a dream job from Marnie.’
    • ‘Most importantly, Bo Pelini did a sort of mic drop to close the media session, saying, "If they wanna fire me, they can go right ahead."’
    • ‘You deserved a mic drop after that Delmon Young comment.’
    • ‘That mic drop at the end of Phyllis' rant was probably one of the top-five greatest things I've ever heard in my life.’
    • ‘When the segment was over, Stewart pulled a microphone out from under his desk and did a "mic drop," a la a stand-up comic.’
    • ‘He unleashed a torrent of classic West stage shenanigans, followed by the obligatory mic drop.’
    • ‘"So, whatever," he said, before executing a textbook mic drop and walking off.’
    • ‘That metallic thud you heard just now was a metaphorical mic drop reverberating from Glendale.’
    1. 1.1as exclamation Used to emphasize that a discussion is at an end after a definitive or particularly impressive point has been made.
      ‘Nuff said. Mic drop!’
      ‘‘This is what we're doing,’ she tells him. Mic drop’
      • ‘Get real or get out. Mic drop.’
      • ‘"I'm 35 years old and I ran around those guys like they were schoolyard kids." Mic drop.’
      • ‘Here's an educated, 500-word explanation of how you don't have your facts straight. Mic drop.’
      • ‘We even have her tagline ready: "I'm ready to go from stage-mom to center stage!" Mic drop.’
      • ‘"You get that one song, you make your statement and you leave." (Mic drop.)’
      • ‘Sig could've simply followed that quote with "Mic Drop!"’
      • ‘Imagine my relief, and I imagined many of yours as well, when Iris strolled into S.T.A.R. and said, "Hi, Barry. Or should I say the Flash?" Mic drop.’
      • ‘"You know nothing, Jon Snow," she fires back at him before leaving the room. Mic drop!’
      • ‘Must've been hard to judge in hell. Mic drop.’