Definition of mezzo-relievo in English:


nounPlural mezzo-relievos

  • another term for half relief
    • ‘The doors, surrounded by a delicate architrave, are divided into six equal panels each of which bears in mezzo-relievo (half relief) the obverse or reverse of some coin of ancient Greece.’
    • ‘On the right-hand door, Ugolin and his sons; on the left, Paolo and Francesca da Rimini.… Above the groups, Rodin has placed bas-reliefs from which protrude figures in high relief and scenes in mezzo-relievo that give his work an extraordinary sense of perspective.’
    • ‘‘All You Need is Wood’ ended with an unexpected mezzo-relievo.’
    • ‘At the further end is the mezzo-relievo of Hercules and the Centaurs, a subject which was suggested by Politian, and executed by Michael Angelo with so much ability as to astonish all who beheld so near an approach to the antique.’
    • ‘There is, too, a sarcophagus representing, in mezzo-relievo (half relief) the tragedy of Niobe's daughters.’


Late 16th century: Italian mezzo-rilievo.