Definition of mezza voce in English:

mezza voce

Pronunciation /ˈvɒtʃi//ˌmɛtsə ˈvəʊtʃeɪ/

adjective & adverb

  • (especially as a direction) using about half the singer's vocal power.


mass nounMusic
  • Singing performed mezza voce.

    ‘the sweet mezza voce of the ‘Hostias’’
    • ‘Pick items that are sedate rather than fleet-footed prestos and floated pieces at mezza voce rather than full-throttle.’
    • ‘Hans Hotter does not need to raise his voice above a mezza voce; the terrifying menace of his presence leaves no doubt that he is the Grand Inquisitor, and that his is the ultimate authority.’
    • ‘Yet in reflective or melancholic fare, such as Brahms's Mondenschein and Lerchengesang, he found a caressing legato and an enchanting mezza voce.’
    • ‘The release of this pressure for the normal, vocally ‘clear’ attack (coup de glotte), or the mezza voce or ‘breath’ attack, requires precise timing of respiratory and laryngeal movements.’
    • ‘At first, I thought his ‘Dalla sua pace’ was too aggressive, but when he reprises the aria's opening music, he sings it in a melting mezza voce, almost crooningly.’


Italian, literally ‘half voice’.


mezza voce

/ˈvɒtʃi//ˌmɛtsə ˈvəʊtʃeɪ/