Definition of Mexican wrestling in English:

Mexican wrestling


  • ‘Mexican wrestling has long been an entertainment staple in the community’
    another term for lucha libre
    • ‘Lucha libre (Mexican wrestling) is a performative art which, like popular theater, amuses and entertains while posing moral and political dilemmas.’
    • ‘His father is a legend in Mexican wrestling.’
    • ‘He has his roots in Mexican wrestling.’
    • ‘He makes a very strong case, and due to my limited knowledge on the history of Mexican wrestling/wrestlers, I'd have to say I agree.’
    • ‘He also secretly loves Lucha Libre, Mexican wrestling, the excitement and the thrills of that life.’
    • ‘It is all about fast game play and easy to learn controls with tons of great fighting styles to learn like Tae Kwon Do, Capoeira, Mexican Wrestling, Sumo, and lots more.’
    • ‘Welcome to the world of Mexican wrestling, one of the strangest and most compelling subcultures in the world.’
    • ‘Mexican wrestling rode a wave of popularity due to his presence in the ring.’