Definition of Metroland in English:



  • The area around London served by the underground railway.

    as modifier ‘the M25 threatens any lingering end-of-line Metroland romance attached to Bushy Bushey or Sunny Sutton’
    • ‘It's comfortable suburbia, and the very essence of Betjeman's Metroland (except that the Metropolitan line is miles away).’
    • ‘It should be called Metroland though, or maybe Squirrel Country - but you can't always get what you want.’
    • ‘The housing estates, the shopping parades, the mock-Tudor pubs duly sprang up alongside the line. It was a Metroland fit for heroes.’
    • ‘1880s onwards: The Metropolitan Railway purchases lots of land for housing alongside the line - Metroland is born.’
    • ‘They have to seek cheaper housing far away from home in less than ideal places, whilst high earners from Metroland snap up the vital properties as second homes, holiday cottages or investment properties.’
    • ‘Just over 70 years ago my newlywed grandparents moved into a Metroland semi on the banks of the canal here (hidden behind the trees to the left at the rear of the photo).’
    • ‘In Britain the Metropolitan railway took advantage of this effect to build John Betjeman's beloved Metroland.’
    • ‘The public first heard of Metroland in 1915, when the railway used it in a penny booklet listing country walks.’


1915: from metropolitan + land.