Definition of metritis in English:



mass nounMedicine
  • Inflammation of the uterus.

    • ‘Likewise, metritis is rarely part of the syndrome.’
    • ‘Sows should be brought up to full-feed as quickly as possible after they farrow, but some producers have observed a higher incidence of constipation and mastitis, metritis, and agalactia if this is done too rapidly.’
    • ‘Vitamin E injection significantly reduced the incidence of retained placenta and metritis but had no effect on clinical mastitis.’
    • ‘These latter nutrients also help improve the sow's immune-response and prevent subsequent lactation complications such as mastitis, metritis, and agalactia.’
    • ‘Many of the symptoms and effects of deficiencies in copper, iodine and selenium are common such as abortions, stillbirths, deaths in young calves and lowered immunity to diseases like scours, pneumonia, mastitis and metritis.’


Mid 19th century: from Greek mētra ‘womb’ + -itis.