Definition of meths in English:



  • [mass noun] Methylated spirit.

    • ‘Those who value their nasal hair will avoid encouraging the flames with white spirit, petrol, meths and so on.’
    • ‘He noticed the bottle of meths had no top on it and told us to be careful because it could start a fire. He made us pay for the broken glass, it cost me five shillings.’
    • ‘Burning newspaper dowsed in meths or petrol is thought to have been pushed through the front door of the property, destroying the hall and door.’
    • ‘You could smell the dental clinic before you got there, a mixture of meths and cleaning fluid that got stronger as you followed the little concrete path up to the door.’
    • ‘I will serve meths laced with sugar and botulism at £3.50 a shot.’
    • ‘Many youngsters consider that drink problems are all about an old man sitting on a park bench downing meths.’
    • ‘Of course, meths or some kind of strong alcohol-based solution will do the same job.’
    • ‘Something's bound to happen once we crack the keg of meths…’
    • ‘Most of my readers can afford meths; our social spheres are widely different.’
    • ‘On the other hand you will find, right now, crack, coke, meths, hallucinatory drugs, hashish, marijuana and alcohol.’
    • ‘Which is why, I'm pleased to report, in the interests of empathy and investigation, I sit here thoroughly doused in meths, sucking happily on a cuff.’
    • ‘I bought diesel, petrol, meths, engine oil, kindling and even a light sprinkling of gunpowder.’
    • ‘It reminded me of nothing quite so much as one of those slightly deranged, wide-eyed tramps whom you might see standing in the middle of the pavement, reading aloud from a torn-up newspaper after he's gulped down a few too many swigs of meths.’
    • ‘On the other hand, you could say that he stands there like some kind of glam-rock geography teacher with a gutful of meths, talking toss at a hundred words a minute.’
    • ‘The answer, I found, was meths, and with some judicious prodding with a meths-impregnated brush, I soon had an amorphous bunch of coils on the carpet.’
    • ‘I am sorry to say that such is my desperation for caffeine that I have been forced into drinking cupful after cupful of what is, in all honesty, the coffee equivalent of tramp cider or meths.’
    • ‘And off they went, like lab monkeys on meths sniffing fresh air for the first time.’
    • ‘Apparently she didn't walk in a ruler-straight line after a few shots of nasty meths.’
    • ‘Liz rather cleverly starts a fire using meths from the camping stove and, while Mick is distracted, sneaks in to free Kristy.’
    • ‘Apparently he was wanted for a series of offences ranging from indecently exposing himself to children to assaults on people who refused to give him money for meths or whatever he used to anaesthetise himself against his life.’