Definition of Methodist in English:



  • A member of a Christian Protestant denomination originating in the 18th-century evangelistic movement of Charles and John Wesley and George Whitefield.

    ‘it is next to impossible to swerve a determined Methodist from his inspired path’
    • ‘From unassuming beginnings in the 1760s, Wesleyan Methodists had achieved many successes in America by the close of the eighteenth century.’
    • ‘This year is a special year for Methodists as it is the tercentenary of John Wesley's birth.’
    • ‘You are influenced heavily by John Wesley and the Methodists.’
    • ‘Wesleyan Methodists banned women from preaching to mixed congregations in 1803.’
    • ‘Certainly, the Wesley Connection of Methodists took an overtly antislavery position.’
    • ‘The General Synod approved a series of measures yesterday to bring Anglicans and Methodists closer together.’
    • ‘We knew that the Methodists were really Anglicans with more money.’
    • ‘Other groups were gaining a significant foothold too, including Baptists, Methodists, Mennonites, Christian Reformed, and Episcopalians.’
    • ‘The service was organised through the Ecumenical Partnership which includes Anglicans, Methodists, Roman Catholics and the Society of Friends.’
    • ‘To their credit, I saw some Methodists speaking to the young lady after the meeting.’
    • ‘It was an all-out attack on the Calvinistic theology embraced by George Whitefield and many other early Methodists.’
    • ‘Baptists were most prominent, followed by Presbyterians and Methodists.’
    • ‘Most of the people are Roman Catholics, Anglican, Methodists, Baptists, or Mennonites.’
    • ‘Other Protestant groups include Methodists, Moravians, Baptists, and Seventh-Day Adventists.’
    • ‘As early as 1882 the Wesleyan Methodists provided regular religious services for the settlers at Johnburgh.’
    • ‘What would you say to those millions of people who are going to go synagogues tomorrow and wards of your church and Catholics and Protestants and Methodists.’
    • ‘And this discomfort isn't limited to Presbyterians and Methodists and Anglicans.’
    • ‘A proposal to join with the Scottish Episcopalians, Methodists and the United Reformed Churches was rejected by 384 votes to 99.’
    • ‘Lutherans, Calvinists, Methodists, Baptists and even agnostics have found him deserving.’
    • ‘The Baptists, Methodists, Lutherans, Mormons all have impressive emergency relief works after major events.’
    nonconformist, protestant, freethinker, recusant
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  • Relating to Methodists or Methodism.

    ‘a Methodist chapel’
    • ‘My mother shuffled us around, as kids, to various Southern Baptist and Methodist churches, with little or no sustained involvement.’
    • ‘In other areas of the South, Methodist women heeded the national Church's call for racial reconciliation.’
    • ‘The Anglican and Methodist churches have signed a covenant intended to heal their 200-year rift and pave the way to reunification.’
    • ‘There, many miles into the country was a little clapboard Methodist church, built, in part, by the Lamptons, in 1861.’
    • ‘He made frequent diversions to towns and villages along the way, but the three cities became the great centres of Methodist influence.’
    • ‘Such positions were available to Methodist women only if they went abroad, as missionaries.’
    • ‘It meant he travelled around all the different Methodist chapels, constantly meeting and working with people.’
    • ‘The odd pheasant springs hazardously from behind a dry stone wall and the occasional chapel marks this out as Methodist country.’
    • ‘Villagers are raising funds to replace the ageing structure, once a Methodist chapel in Sutton-on-Derwent.’
    • ‘He arrived in Whitby at a time when rural Methodist chapels were closing one by one and believers were few and far between.’
    • ‘The grounds are pocked with small lava pits, which are used to cook poultry and sides of beef donated by Methodist church groups.’
    • ‘This hymn has traditionally been the first hymn in Methodist hymnals since the time of Wesley.’
    • ‘When faith and discipline are seen as the essential ingredients of Methodist piety, there is no mystery about the twentieth century collapse.’
    • ‘He was baptized in a Methodist church at age 14, but soon drifted into agnosticism.’
    • ‘Although it is a Roman Catholic church, the service will be for people from all faiths with Anglican and Methodist ministers also taking part.’
    • ‘Several examples provide illustration about how Methodist women recruited their husbands to the church.’
    • ‘It was built as a Methodist chapel in 1910, became a convalescence hospital during the First World War, and was later partly used as a billiard hall.’
    • ‘We began with prayer led by Graham Jones, the Methodist chaplain, and the sharing of bread and wine.’
    • ‘Christianity was brought to the islands in the 1830s primarily by Methodist missionaries.’
    • ‘Andrew's parents were Methodist missionaries in India, but although a religious man he declared at the age of 3 that he wanted to be a doctor.’


Probably from the notion of following a specified ‘method’ of Bible study.