Definition of Methodism in English:



  • See Methodist

    • ‘Over 400 men went as missionaries from British Methodism.’
    • ‘As Puritanism became Methodism and as John Wesley was being both listened to reverently by the serious minded and heckled and pelted by mobs of sinners and Sabbath breakers, two men of genius helped change the world forever.’
    • ‘Someone said to me as the week came to a close that he was thanking God for the growth of experiential Calvinistic preaching which he had observed in the past years, that is, the old preaching of Welsh Calvinistic Methodism.’
    • ‘As a fresh presentation of John Wesley and early Methodism this book is warmly recommended.’
    • ‘The various branches of Methodism - Wesleyans, Primitive Methodists, and Bible Christians - united in 1902, ahead of a similar union in Britain.’