Definition of metaplasia in English:



mass nounPhysiology
  • Abnormal change in the nature of a tissue.

    ‘intestinal metaplasia’
    • ‘Antral-type and intestinal metaplasia may represent local responses to chronic injury secondary to the presence of gallstones and inflammation.’
    • ‘The existence of gastric lymphoma and intestinal metaplasia was observed in the same or different tissue fragments in most endoscopic biopsies.’
    • ‘The remaining 9 cases showed the coexistence of antral-type metaplasia, intestinal metaplasia, and dysplasia in the same specimen.’
    • ‘However, a small series of 93 patients with an initial diagnosis of intestinal metaplasia were followed prospectively with endoscopy and biopsy.’
    • ‘The antral mucosa showed pancreatic acinar cell metaplasia and intestinal metaplasia.’


Late 19th century: modern Latin, from German Metaplase, based on Greek metaplassein ‘mould into a new form’.