Definition of metalworker in English:



  • See metalwork

    • ‘Throughout the twentieth century the metalworkers developed a reputation for ‘mindful militancy’: that is creative but disciplined use of industrial action to improve workers living standards.’
    • ‘From Sheffield, famous for making scissors, scythes, knives, razors, and the like, 769 metalworkers petitioned Parliament in 1789.’
    • ‘A host of smaller steelmakers and industries went too, some hiring former metalworkers as minimum-wage sweepers or security guards until the demolition crews arrived.’
    • ‘The filmmakers bring us to the marketplace of Charikar, the town selected for the hospital, to meet the civilians: war widows reduced to beggary, young children employed as metalworkers.’
    • ‘He is something of a folk hero in Brazil, 25 years ago his inspirational leadership of the metalworkers' strikes in Sao Paulo played a crucial role in bringing down Brazil's military junta.’