Definition of metalliferous in English:



  • (chiefly of deposits of minerals) containing or producing metal.

    ‘the known metalliferous mineral deposits of Britain’
    • ‘The formation of mineral deposits and metalliferous vein ores in recognizable crystalline forms took his attention and were carefully described in scientific fashion.’
    • ‘It has been assumed that the formation of these sinters and their associated metalliferous sulphides is due to abiotic processes.’
    • ‘Or perhaps to set up revegetation programs, there's no reason why you couldn't use a metalliferous plant material as your mulch or your compost.’
    • ‘The U.K.-based transnational minerals and energy giant, has been a major actor in the Australian metalliferous minerals and coal mining industries through its Australian-based subsidiary.’
    • ‘Indeed, thin mats composed of tufts of loose filaments, but completely encased in orange metalliferous silica, are common on the subaqueous shelf on and between the stromatolite mounds.’
    • ‘Subsequently the massive sulfide deposit and surrounding metalliferous sediment apron were covered by oceanic radiolarian chert sediments.’
    • ‘All metalliferous minerals were the personal property of the Emperor.’
    • ‘The major export items are dominated by commodities, such as petroleum, metalliferous ores and scrap, coal, non-ferrous metal and gold.’
    • ‘Leigh joined the mining company in 1970 and has held various roles in the Group's coal and metalliferous operations and is now its chief executive in London.’
    • ‘Halkyn represents a major site for the metalliferous Festuca ovina-Minuartia verna community [i.e. calaminarian grassland].’
    • ‘Australian engineers brought significant innovation to gold and metalliferous mining.’
    • ‘Thanks to the region's uniquely complex and metalliferous geology, it became known in the industry as ‘the best graduate school of mining geology in the country.’’
    • ‘These were shown to be related principally to historical metalliferous mineral working, urban and industrialized centres.’
    • ‘From these talks we chose the pastoral and metalliferous mining (non-coal) industries to begin our campaign to improve minimum standards.’
    • ‘A major concern confronting land management agencies in the US is the generation of metal-rich, acid drainage from abandoned metalliferous mine workings and from naturally occurring sulphide-bearing geological units.’
    • ‘The applications of such data now extend well beyond those of metalliferous mineral exploration or resource assessment.’
    • ‘The influence of crustal lineaments on the distribution of igneous activity and their influence on its geochemistry are also illustrated by the location of metalliferous deposits.’


Mid 17th century: from Latin metallifer ‘metal-bearing’ + -ous.