Definition of metallic in English:



  • 1Relating to or resembling metal or metals.

    ‘metallic alloys’
    ‘a curious metallic taste’
    • ‘Early symptoms, such as a metallic taste, tinnitus, lightheadedness, and confusion, are followed by tremors and shivering.’
    • ‘To keep caviar from absorbing a slight metallic taste from metal servers and utensils, present it on glass, shell, or bone.’
    • ‘The rare earth elements comprise a group of 17 trivalent metallic elements with similar chemical properties.’
    • ‘The heavier metallic elements, some of which living systems also require, are formed only in very massive stars during supernova explosions.’
    • ‘This is a very attractive car and, with the metallic paint and standard alloys, it looks even better.’
    • ‘The reduced metal typically forms a metallic alloy on the cathode.’
    • ‘But in any case there is no such thing - chlorine is simply not an element that can form a metallic alloy, as opposed to an ionic compound with a metal.’
    • ‘It generally requires special treatment to mitigate its rather bitter, metallic taste.’
    • ‘This distinction is always made for the element carbon, and there is no scientific justification for treating metallic elements differently.’
    • ‘Seeds and plants on the earth find numerous metallic salts and elements essential for their growth here in these rain drops.’
    • ‘Instead of the usual metallic zinc taste it was more like something sweet, like syrup or nectar.’
    • ‘Almost all of the popular family saloons now have a two-door, sportier-looking sibling that is usually dressed up in alloys and metallic paint.’
    • ‘The metallic taste was in his mouth, making him gag.’
    • ‘Just to clarify, antimony is a metallic element on the periodic table.’
    • ‘Some people find that meat has a metallic taste.’
    • ‘Heavy metals are metallic elements that have a high atomic number and are poisonous to living organisms.’
    • ‘I coughed and tasted the metallic bitterness of blood.’
    • ‘Hailey bit down on her lip in an effort to stop another dam of tears threatening to break loose; tasting metallic blood and her salty tears intermingle.’
    • ‘As a result, some of the elements of the metal or alloy change from a metallic state into a non-metallic state.’
    • ‘The walls and the podiums were made of some kind of shiny metallic, silver alloy.’
    1. 1.1 (of sound) resembling that produced by metal objects striking each other; sharp and ringing.
      ‘the blade locked into place with a heavy metallic clunk’
      • ‘The figure laughs and I cringe at the raucous, metallic sound that sounds from the image of my mouth.’
      • ‘When alarmed they utter a sharp metallic clinking sound rather like that made by a hammer striking an anvil.’
      • ‘With a gasp, his head jerked left as a metallic sound echoed through the room.’
      • ‘They all checked their guns and loaded them to a collection of clicks and metallic sounds.’
      • ‘I will not have the background music be loud drums and metallic sounds that makes it impossible for the audience to hear what is being said.’
      • ‘It clanged to the ground making a tinny metallic sound.’
      • ‘It reached back, pulling out a sword with the sound of metal on the sheath, a ringing, metallic sound that foretold doom.’
      • ‘There was a confusion of footsteps as the Russian boys barreled down the steps, still calling to each other, and then the metallic sound repeated itself.’
      • ‘She started to run her fingers though my hair and just when it was starting to get exciting a loud metallic sound echoed off the walls.’
      • ‘Gamblers aren't shying away from them, though some dedicated coin droppers dislike the loss of the metallic sounds of money changing hands.’
      • ‘Victor's flaming sword clashed against the blackness of Jack's sword with a sharp metallic clang.’
      • ‘There are a lot of echoes, for instance, and these either stretch the small metallic sounds out into drones or create sharp, stuttering rhythms.’
      • ‘The sound can be a raucous metallic clangour or it can be as soft as notes on velvet.’
      • ‘Now and again, you could hear the unmistakable metallic sound of snow shovels banging into concrete sidewalks, along with the deep rumble of a passing plow.’
      • ‘At that precise moment, a gong near the entrance way was sounded, the metallic clang echoing around the Great Hall.’
      • ‘The loud metallic sound is startling and helps add impact to your verbal correction.’
      • ‘A sharp metallic clang could be heard, echoing throughout the whole forest stirring up many different animals from even miles away.’
      • ‘He heard a sharp, metallic sound that made his blood run cold through his veins.’
      • ‘A metallic buzz sounded from the far corner of the workroom.’
      • ‘For starters the three M - 16s bumped into each other with metallic clicks.’
      tinny, jangling, jangly, jingling, jingly, plinky
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    2. 1.2 (of a person's voice) emanating via an electronic medium.
      ‘a metallic voice rasped tinnily from a speaker’
      • ‘Her laugh was metallic like her smile, and I wondered what she was thinking.’
      • ‘The metallic voice from the square grill above the buzzer interrupted my deliberations.’
      • ‘He smiles up at her and the metallic voice simply says, ‘Hello.’’
      • ‘His voice was slightly metallic, air whistling through a trachea-ring.’
      • ‘‘This area is off-limits to tourists at the moment,’ it intoned in a metallic voice.’
      • ‘The taller one spoke next, breaking the silence with his voice echoing throughout the metallic rafters high above them.’
      • ‘The strong yet soothing metallic voice filled the room.’
      • ‘Brightly colored birds flew across the sky, calling out in metallic sitar voices, and Seiriô watched them.’
      • ‘Then a metallic voice came through the speakers.’
      • ‘The voice which erupted was metallic in nature and seemed much older than Chrome herself even was.’
      • ‘His voice had a metallic quality as if the modulation was slightly out of sequence.’
      • ‘Flames will engulf your feet, roasting them with agonizing slowness while a grating metallic voice repeatedly says the name and slogan of a product.’
      • ‘‘Royal guard please come in,’ a metallic voice said into Nathan's communicator.’
      • ‘‘Step out of the room with your hands raised and you will note be harmed,’ a cold, metallic voice commanded.’
      • ‘Would the recording be of a metallic grating voice?’
      • ‘‘If I am to take over the world, I will do it without waiting so long,’ said the Ruler in a deep metallic voice.’
      • ‘It swung open with a heavy metallic moan, and I was shoved inside the dark room.’
      • ‘‘How strange’ the figure said in a raspy metallic voice, not dissimilar to X's.’
      • ‘A sharp voice, hard and metallic, spoke to the professor, biting off each word as if it were chewing its sentences.’
      • ‘It stated more that asked in a hissing, metallic voice.’
    3. 1.3 Having the lustre of metal; iridescent.
      ‘a beautiful metallic green sports car’
      • ‘She frowned as she saw a tall, burgundy-haired vampire dressed in a bright metallic green laced up top and bell bottoms walk up behind the elfin boy.’
      • ‘Arowanas come in three shades, silver, metallic green and gold.’
      • ‘Trochilines often have iridescent feathers of metallic red, orange, green and blue.’
      • ‘It's a brilliant metallic green beetle, about one-half inch long and about a quarter of an inch wide, so it's pretty good-sized.’
      • ‘He picked a dark-aqua guitar that was iridescent and metallic.’
      • ‘It also has a strange green, metallic note at its heart.’
      • ‘One of the girls wearing a metallic green jacket spotted Zack and ran over to him.’
      • ‘There are mallards galore, the males with their metallic green heads and the females a dowdy brown, and busy little black scaups, bobbing like bath toys.’
      • ‘Does he remember the metallic green Butterfly male that grabbed his hand in the dark?’
      • ‘Since then the metallic green Asian beetle has destroyed six million trees in Michigan.’
      • ‘He ran down the metallic green hallway, the echo of his footfalls bouncing from wall to wall.’
      • ‘I was completely encased head to toe in metallic green Lycra and nobody cared.’
      • ‘Its particles have a dull metallic lustre, far less brilliant than that of gold.’
      • ‘Officers said a ‘suspicious’ light green or light blue metallic Ford Focus had been seen in the area before the break in.’
      • ‘Bright green metallic fronds, in the shape of palm trees, still branch out from their stands.’
      • ‘He turned around, his metallic green tights glinting in the sunlight, his open vest with vines stitched on only one side.’
      • ‘The latter mineral, a sulphide of iron, has a shiny metallic lustre and was often mistaken for gold itself: it is the infamous fool's gold.’
      • ‘Her fur, a deep blue-grey, had a softness that belied its almost metallic lustre.’
      • ‘They have large, prominent eyes, and metallic green leathery forewings with small light spots and coppery-green legs.’
      • ‘By the time we reach our second dive site, at Penguin Cove, the sun is shining and the water has brightened to an almost metallic green.’
      metallized, burnished
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usually metallics
  • A paint, fabric, or colour with a metallic sheen.

    ‘ultra-bright solid colours, pearls, metallics, and more’
    • ‘Ancient Spice is a Bohemian look blending metallics with the warmth and vibrancy of powdered, spicy shades.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, the range of colors, including metallics, is in need of further development.’
    • ‘Color trends on the horizon include the significant rise in the use of color ‘effects’ like metallics, opalescents and colors that change depending on the light sources.’
    • ‘He believed that more metallics could be created by adding amounts of the four coloured inks used in every printing press to a single base ink containing a silver pigment.’
    • ‘About five years ago, our designers allowed people to select from a variety of very bold, bright colors: greens, oranges, yellows as well as metallics with a special hue, things like liquid crystal paint.’
    • ‘She likes to experiment with composition leaf, 22K gold, silver leaf, combinations of metallics, irridescents, and interference paints, although acrylics are still her passion.’
    • ‘Christine Brown of Toyota says that in focus groups, buyers under 35 say they consider metallics as luxurious and futuristic.’
    • ‘Metallics and more metallics will shimmer and shine on many diverse materials.’
    • ‘White, metallics and other washed out colours, (such as grey and khaki) dominated the collection.’
    • ‘The export sales manager, noted that the direction in trims was to ‘no-color’ effects such as earth tones, metallics and trims that fit into the silk fabric resurgence.’
    • ‘Iridescence - and similar effects such as metallics, pearlescence, and colors that change according to light - are finding their way into new products.’
    • ‘The problem with metallics, however, is that they can't be dry-cleaned, nor are these hand-crafted costumes machine washable.’
    • ‘There also are burnished metallics and grass cloths in boldly scaled weaves.’
    • ‘Silver is still desirable, but other metallics and copper tones in costume jewellery are making inroads.’
    • ‘Cohen also notes that pearlized pigments and metallics in eye shadows do not affect shelf life.’
    • ‘‘We keep our suedes, textures, metallics and fabrics intermingled with rag mats,’ said Christine Knoll.’
    • ‘I feel that metallics add the three-dimensional quality which reflects the light.’
    • ‘Sure enough, she tossed the reds and metallics aside, but I still thought she looked pretty.’
    • ‘According to Richard Smith, sales manager and store manager, people want metallics with texture and novelty.’
    • ‘Dressier varieties for evening offer slimmer styles in metallics, patent leathers and bold colors.’


Late Middle English: via Latin from Greek metallikos, from metallon (see metal).