Definition of metaldehyde in English:



mass nounChemistry
  • A solid made by polymerizing acetaldehyde, used in slug pellets and as a fuel for portable stoves.

    Chemical formula: C₄H₄O₄(CH₃)₄

    • ‘Slug pellets, based on metaldehyde, are cheap and effective.’
    • ‘Chemical slug pellets and baits that contain metaldehyde are widely available commercially, however label directions must be followed carefully.’
    • ‘Sluggo can be used around pets and wildlife, and it remains potent for a longer time compared to metaldehyde.’
    • ‘Several bait formulations of metaldehyde are labeled for use on soybean for slug control.’
    • ‘Either prepared slug bait sold under various trade names or dust containing metaldehyde is satisfactory.’


Mid 19th century: from meta- + aldehyde.