Definition of metal polish in English:

metal polish


mass noun
  • A substance that is rubbed on metal to give it a smooth and shiny surface.

    ‘its finish can be easily restored with a piece of steel wool and some metal polish’
    • ‘It is nearly impossible to completely remove the metal polish residue from all of the crevices.’
    • ‘Take some metal polish wadding and gently rub over the marks.’
    • ‘Metal polish can leave a bit of residue in comers and cracks, use a toothbrush to remove it.’
    • ‘Rub along the grain with cream metal polish.’
    • ‘Buffing with metal polish and a cloth is the final step in polishing your work.’
    • ‘She restored the mace to its former glory with liberal amounts of metal polish, furniture wax and elbow grease.’
    • ‘Using metal polish or any kind of abrasive can seriously affect an item.’
    • ‘For difficult spots, you may need a metal polish made especially for chromium or other soft metals.’
    • ‘If the lacquered surface has become dull its brilliance can be restored by using a mild abrasive such as the normal kind of metal polish.’
    • ‘Flitz Metal Polish comes in a bottle or pre-moistened towelettes.’
    • ‘Don't let any metal polish dry on the metal.’