Definition of metal fatigue in English:

metal fatigue


mass noun
  • Weakness in metal caused by repeated variations of stress.

    ‘evidence suggested the plane broke up in mid air because of metal fatigue’
    • ‘Certain welded components were particularly vulnerable to metal fatigue.’
    • ‘Bridges in northern climates are particularly vulnerable to metal fatigue because steel becomes more brittle, and prone to crack, when it is cold.’
    • ‘The possibility that metal fatigue could cause a bridge to fail was not even considered by bridge engineers in the 1950s and 1960s.’
    • ‘It had suffered metal fatigue around a weld.’
    • ‘The cause of that hole was found to be metal fatigue.’
    • ‘The fasteners can suffer metal fatigue leading to structural failure.’
    • ‘Metal fatigue and design imperfections make the tracks more malleable.’
    • ‘The chiming mechanism broke due to metal fatigue.’
    • ‘There is evidence of significant metal fatigue damage to the rails in the vicinity.’
    • ‘The rust is extensive and there is a lot of metal fatigue.’
    • ‘It had been sitting in a barn for many years and has some metal fatigue and corrosion.’
    • ‘Rust and metal fatigue have left the guns in a dangerous condition.’