Definition of metabolic in English:



  • Relating to or deriving from the metabolism of a living organism.

    ‘a metabolic disorder’
    • ‘A hangover is a culmination of a number of metabolic processes and imbalances.’
    • ‘During exercise, coronary blood flow must increase to meet the higher metabolic demands of the myocardium.’
    • ‘This is a metabolic disorder whereby excess uric acid in the blood gets deposited in joints.’
    • ‘It may also become possible to boost oxygen uptake, cardiac output and metabolic efficiency.’
    • ‘In a small fraction of cells severe decrease in metabolic activity may also occur.’
    • ‘Two key metabolic factors in photosynthetic cells have been shown to regulate photosynthesis.’
    • ‘Respiration is a central metabolic process that contributes in many different ways to cell function.’
    • ‘These enzymes usually act in concert with other enzymes or proteins in DNA metabolic activity.’
    • ‘From a metabolic perspective, threonine is one of three indispensable amino acids.’
    • ‘It transports nutrients to cells and eliminates metabolic wastes, toxins and excess fluids from the body.’
    • ‘Insulin resistance is an important pathogenic factor in common metabolic disorders.’
    • ‘These enzymes are believed to have roles in energy transfer and metabolic regulation in plant cells.’
    • ‘These hormones are related to metabolism, and thus to nutritional and metabolic status.’
    • ‘The first week after birth is a time of major metabolic and physiological adaptation for newborn infants.’
    • ‘In most cases of gout decreased urinary excretion of urate is the most common metabolic abnormality.’
    • ‘Vitamins are involved in all metabolic processes and are essential to life.’