Definition of mestizo in English:



  • (in Latin America) a person of mixed race, especially one having Spanish and American Indian parentage.

    • ‘But they allowed justified resentment at past treatment by the mestizo (mixed race Spanish speaking) section of the masses to divert them from pushing forward the struggle against the common enemy.’
    • ‘Ladinos are usually mestizos, people of mixed Amerindian and European descent.’
    • ‘Among mestizos (persons of mixed blood) and other indigenous peoples, weddings are lavish affairs.’
    • ‘On the other hand, it is important to keep in mind that Mexican-Americans are mestizas and mestizos, victims of various colonization processes.’
    • ‘About 90 percent of the people are mestizos, people of mixed European and Amerindian ancestry.’


Spanish, ‘mixed’, based on Latin mixtus.