Definition of messuage in English:



  • A dwelling house with outbuildings and land assigned to its use.

    • ‘Section 4, the definition section in the 1875 Act, provided ‘Lands’ and ‘Premises’ include messuages buildings lands easements and hereditaments of any nature’.’
    • ‘How far it is appropriate to regard this identity as parts of one messuage or parcel of land as extending must depend on the character and the circumstances of the items under consideration.’
    • ‘If her husband only held the one messuage in the town, the widow may still hold it by free bench, but her husband's children shall lodge with her in the house.’
    • ‘Hewland was the name attached to land belonging to one of two messuages included in this grant, and has come to be taken as the original name for Anne Hathaway's Cottage itself.’
    • ‘‘All that piece or parcel of ground with the messuage or dwelling house garage building and all other erections thereupon… ‘with an identification of the two postal addresses and a reference to a plan.’’


Late Middle English: from Anglo-Norman French, based on Latin manere ‘dwell’.