Definition of mess with someone's head in English:

mess with someone's head


  • Make someone feel frustrated, anxious, or upset.

    ‘he wasn't about to let some goddamn punk mess with his head’
    • ‘So the lack-of-control of this depression is really messing with my head.’
    • ‘He had offseason ankle surgery, and though trainer Dave England says the ankle no longer is bothering Johnson, it may be messing with his head.’
    • ‘I think there is a real live monkey living in my computer and he messes with my head by dealing me hands that cannot be won.’
    • ‘You know, anybody who's gone without sleep, even for just one night, knows that it can really sort of, you know, mess with your head.’
    • ‘He was good at messing with her head, that's all.’
    • ‘Writing everything down is messing with my head.’
    • ‘Maybe, or maybe she didn't want to say anything because she was messing with my head.’
    • ‘Were they such a tight couple that they were messing with my head together?’
    • ‘More generally, this is one of those films that messes with your head and requires you to maintain your attention at all times.’
    • ‘I had a weird dream, kind of messing with my head.’
    trouble, bother, cause anxiety, make anxious, disturb, distress, upset, concern, disquiet, discompose, fret, agitate, unsettle, perturb, frighten, alarm, scare, fluster, flurry, stress, strain, tax, harass, torment, plague, bedevil, besiege, irk, vex
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