Definition of mess someone about/around in English:

mess someone about/around

phrasal verb

  • Cause someone problems, especially by acting unfairly or indecisively.

    ‘get your own back—make him sorry he ever messed you about!’
    • ‘I think basically they are messing us around.’
    • ‘‘The alarm bells started ringing because he had just gone out of the country and was really messing us about,’ Mr Manley said.’
    • ‘The insurance company for the kennels has been messing us about.’
    • ‘Almost all the people other than the top who were recruited from Bradford have been messed about and left and not been replaced.’
    • ‘Yeah that's great, look I'm sorry for messing you about but when you said you couldn't do the half I only brought enough money for a point.’
    • ‘Sorry to mess you around, but I am not in the office again today so will not be able to make the meeting.’
    • ‘People are concerned, but the feeling is we have been messed about for over ten years.’
    • ‘This means you might pay for a survey on a house you don't get, but fickle buyers can't mess you around.’
    • ‘Other women may mess you around but I don't play those games.’
    • ‘They've managed to do everything on the timescale that was promised when I first called, and so far they haven't messed me about at all.’