Definition of mess room in English:

mess room


  • A room or building providing meals and recreational facilities for workers or military personnel.

    ‘I can see a group of police in a mess room playing pool’
    • ‘The officers' pantry, the galley, and the crew's mess room are provided with sinks.’
    • ‘The working conditions were praised by Jack who pointed to the well designed lunch and mess rooms.’
    • ‘It appears that over 100 empty cans of beer and cider were found in their mess room.’
    • ‘There were only four of us in the mess room last Tuesday afternoon when a divisional officer arrived.’
    • ‘This area will serve as a mess room for staff.’
    • ‘Then with a quick word he left the mess room.’
    • ‘They do get very crude and personal in the mess room, no doubt about it.’
    • ‘The building had various uses, including mess rooms for railwaymen.’
    • ‘The single storey wing originally housed bus station offices and a bus staff mess room.’
    • ‘They were encouraged to go into the mess room and have a beer and a fag.’
    • ‘The building will also house a mess room, locker rooms, kitchen, offices and an education suite.’
    • ‘They'll never believe this in the mess room.’