Definition of mesotherapy in English:



mass noun
  • (in cosmetic surgery) a procedure in which multiple tiny injections of pharmaceuticals, vitamins, etc. are delivered into the mesodermal layer of tissue under the skin, to promote the loss of fat or cellulite.

    • ‘For those unafraid of needles, there is a newer form of treatment known as mesotherapy.’
    • ‘Mesotherapy is a potential alternative for removing localized fat without liposuction.’
    • ‘No drug is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for use in mesotherapy.’
    • ‘We need to know a lot more about this procedure before plastic surgeons can endorse mesotherapy and recommend it to patients.’
    • ‘Mesotherapy may be used in conjunction with dietary modification, hormone replacement therapy, exercise and nutritional supplements.’
    • ‘Another fat melting technique that has enjoyed years of popularity in Europe and elsewhere but is only just coming to the attention of American physicians is mesotherapy.’
    • ‘She has not seen any other adverse events, although some cases of skin infections were reported with mesotherapy in Europe in the 1990's.’
    • ‘One can also use facial mesotherapy which engages the hyaluronic acid and vitamins and leaves the skin glowing.’
    • ‘Currently, any physician who has taken a three-day training course can practice mesotherapy.’
    • ‘In addition, there is no standardization in mesotherapy.’
    • ‘How about a quick fix for fat called mesotherapy?’
    • ‘Mesotherapy can treat some elements like damaged circulation; this treatment is beneficial to make the skin smooth and reduce the fat from the body.’
    • ‘Liposuction and mesotherapy are some of the treatments to remove cellulite.’
    • ‘There are no long-term studies suggesting mesotherapy is safe or effective.’
    • ‘Mesotherapy is the best way to remove unnecessary fat from the body.’
    • ‘Although the practice of mesotherapy has been around for decades in Europe, it has only recently been introduced in the United States.’
    • ‘I don't know if mesotherapy works.’
    • ‘There are no published scientific studies demonstrating if the effects are permanent, why or if certain ingredients work, or how safe mesotherapy is for patients.’
    • ‘While the most talked about form of mesotherapy is body sculpting or fat loss, the procedure is also used for cellulite treatment, pain relief, acne and many other non-cosmetic purposes.’
    • ‘Cosmetic mesotherapy utilises the practice to treat cellulite, ageing skin and problem fatty areas.’