Definition of mesofauna in English:



mass nounEcology
  • Soil animals of intermediate size, such as earthworms, arthropods, nematodes, and molluscs.

    • ‘Further research in this area will focus on the contributions of the soil mesofauna to decomposition and nutrient cycling processes.’
    • ‘The soil biology is composed of a great variety of microorganisms, fungi and mesofauna which have daily food and energy requirements that must be met.’
    • ‘In the mesofauna prevail species with wide natural habitats - Holarctic, Palearctic and Eurosiberian species.’
    • ‘The soil microfauna was given the usual extraction treatment, while the mesofauna was given only three hours in the funnels as the apparatus could take samples from only three stations at a time.’
    • ‘It is a first approach, since a complete understanding of the soil food web would, of course, also require data about the micro- and mesofauna.’
    • ‘Further, we hypothesize that increases of mesofauna in salamander microcosms compensated for effects on litter decomposition that may have resulted from reductions in detritivorous macrofauna.’
    • ‘Thus the mesofauna represent an important trophic link of the detritus food chain to terrestrial vertebrates.’
    • ‘Biodiversity of ecological boxes, abundant with organic matter, was compared with mesofauna from other habitats.’