Definition of mesh size in English:

mesh size


  • The size of the spacing between the individual strands of a fishing net or other mesh.

    ‘the tiny fish are caught in nets with mesh sizes as small as 9 mm’
    • ‘This is approximately seven times larger than the average mesh size.’
    • ‘The experimental cage was constructed of plastic net with a mesh size of 8mm.’
    • ‘Industrial nets have a 16mm mesh size, sometimes even smaller.’
    • ‘Different areas were fished with different mesh sizes.’
    • ‘Despite the small mesh size of the litter bags used in this study, we frequently observed insect larvae and earthworms inside litter bags.’
    • ‘That may mean returning to the smaller, but still legal mesh sizes, it would seem to me.’
    • ‘This mesh size is commonly used in swimming pool screens and in-line catch baskets.’
    • ‘This does not take account of an agreement to increase net mesh sizes, intended to let younger fish swim free.’
    • ‘Changes to net mesh sizes have been a nightmare for manufacturers and fishermen alike.’
    • ‘Fishing vessels with mesh size greater than 100mm will be restricted to 9 days a month at sea.’
    • ‘The only regulations that apply are on mesh size and quotas.’