Definition of mesenteron in English:



  • The middle section of the intestine, especially in an embryo or arthropod.

    • ‘The constriction shown by a longitudinal section of the transition area between the mesenteron and the proctodaeum is the pyloric valve.’
    • ‘A competent arthropod vector is one in which the ingested virus is able to infect the mesenteronal epithelial cells, disseminate from the mesenteron and replicate in the salivary glands, and be ejected with the salivary secretion during a blood meal.’
    • ‘It regulates the flow of material from the mesenteron to the proctodeum.’
    • ‘The mesenteron and Malpighian tubules are generally responsible for detoxification by accumulation of ingested metal salts in insects.’
    • ‘The pyloric valvule will separate the mesenteron from the proctodaeum making the final section of the intestine.’


Late 19th century: from Greek mesos ‘middle’ + enteron ‘intestine’.