Definition of mesenchyme in English:



mass nounEmbryology
  • A loosely organized, mainly mesodermal embryonic tissue which develops into connective and skeletal tissues, including blood and lymph.

    • ‘The branchial arches begin as cylindrical cores of mesenchyme sandwiched between continuous sheets of epidermal ectoderm and internal endoderm.’
    • ‘Mutations that disrupt the signaling interactions between epithelium and the underlying mesenchyme can cause eyelid closure defects.’
    • ‘Other matrix proteins, such as fibronection, are also present throughout developing lung mesenchyme and at tips of secondary septae in the alveolar stage.’
    • ‘What's more, these commands are part of the developmental vocabulary of mesenchyme cells generally, and are understood in more or less the same way throughout the embryo.’
    • ‘The critical process depends upon whether the ectoderm can contact a condensate of specialized mesenchyme called the dermal papillae.’
    • ‘There is some mesenchyme in the core toward the base, however, they are very different in structure.’
    • ‘The lenticular process is actually derived from mesenchyme attributed to the second branchial (hyoid).’
    • ‘The mesoderm also provides the mesenchyme (by sinking of cells from its epithelium into the extracellular matrix) from which organ development becomes possible.’
    • ‘The intervertebral discs develop embryologically from both the mesenchyme (the annulus fibrosus) and the notochord (the nucleus pulposus).’
    • ‘The subcoelomic mesenchyme is defined as the layer of tissue that lies underneath the mesothelial surface of the peritoneum.’
    • ‘Classical embryology long ago demonstrated that grafting dental epithelium onto non-dental mesenchyme could produce tooth-like structures if the experiment were performed early enough in development.’
    • ‘To understand the origins of complexity in metazoan body plans, then, we must find where these tissues came from; that is, how epithelia and mesenchyme arose.’
    • ‘In the sea-urchin embryo, for instance, the primary mesenchyme originates from epithelial cells of the blastula by their losing cadherins and producing enzymes that allow them to invade the basal lamina.’
    • ‘One type tends to form surface tissues or epithelium, the other becomes mesenchyme, the tissue that holds us together and becomes blood vessels.’
    • ‘Fertilization occurs in the mesenchyme and the zygotes develop into ciliated larvae.’
    • ‘The mammary glands also develop under sequential reciprocal interactions between the epithelium and adjacent mesenchyme.’
    • ‘These are lined by a thick layer of nasal epithelium surrounded by the mesenchyme of the placode.’
    • ‘Derived from embryonic mesoderm, mesenchyme is the first connective tissue formed.’
    • ‘These include the epidermis and inner tunic and some mesenchyme derivatives which have differentiated into blood cells in the larva.’
    • ‘That of course takes the problem back in time as to where or what organized the collagenous lattice in the dermal mesenchyme, but let's not get into that.’


Late 19th century: from Greek mesos ‘middle’ + enkhuma ‘infusion’.