Definition of merveille du jour in English:

merveille du jour


  • A European moth with greyish-green coloration that camouflages it when at rest on lichen-covered bark.

    Dichonia aprilina, family Noctuidae

    • ‘The ancient woodland at Orlestone Forest lies within a larger area of woodland, renowned for its moths and butterflies, for example the scarce merveille du jour, ringlet, white admiral and grizzled skipper.’
    • ‘More green moths including the extremely attractive Merveille du Jour, a very welcome first for the garden.’
    • ‘The purchase of a new Robinson moth trap was rewarded on the first night by finding a Scarce Merveille du Jour in it.’
    • ‘Among the species of moth present are lesser belle, sub-angled wave and scarce merveille du jour.’
    • ‘In other species, the adults are superbly camouflaged as well, including the evocatively-named merveille du jour, which, with its green and black patterning, blends in perfectly on lichen-covered trunks.’


Late 19th century: from French, literally ‘wonder of the day’.


merveille du jour

/mɛːˌveɪ d(j)uː ˈʒʊə/