Definition of MERS in English:



mass noun
  • An infectious disease with initial symptoms including fever and cough and progressing in a fairly high proportion of cases to pneumonia and respiratory failure. It is caused by a coronavirus.

    ‘he was officially diagnosed with MERS earlier this week’
    • ‘Sales of masks and hand sanitizers have grown since the outbreak of MERS.’
    • ‘The estimated fatality rate for MERS still is far higher than what's seen with seasonal flu or other routine infections.’
    • ‘Blood tests show that his immune system has made antibodies to fight the MERS coronavirus - an indication that he has been infected.’
    • ‘Australian hospitals have been urged to carry out travel history checks on patients to avoid an outbreak of the deadly MERS virus.’
    • ‘One patient who was receiving dialysis treatment spread MERS to seven others, including fellow dialysis patients at the same hospital.’


Early 21st century: short for Middle Eastern respiratory syndrome.