Definition of merriment in English:



  • [mass noun] Gaiety and fun:

    ‘her eyes sparkled with merriment’
    • ‘Of all deceptive things on earth nothing is so deceptive as mere gaiety and merriment.’
    • ‘It is a night of singing, dancing, lighthearted merriment, and fortune telling.’
    • ‘His dark brown eyes sparkled with merriment and mischief.’
    • ‘Legend has it that his ancestors used to make these signs for fun and merriment around the nomadic village.’
    • ‘In this land where the girl, Tana is her name, brought me, it is unceasing merriment and joy.’
    • ‘Much fun, merriment and large amounts of alcohol consuming will be the order of the day.’
    • ‘The sound of merriment and happiness floated to Andriel on the cool night breeze.’
    • ‘That would send everyone into laughter and merriment which would last the rest of the night.’
    • ‘Her eyes were also the same shade of blue, sparkling with life and merriment.’
    • ‘The festival of merriment and joy of sharing again had hotels and shops lining up some exciting events and gifts.’
    • ‘Merry and Pippin develop strongly, as they do in the book, but still hold their mirth and merriment.’
    • ‘How I'd like to make a post full of joy and merriment but there doesn't seem to be any available at the moment.’
    • ‘Then it is time for mirth and merriment, as he fulfils all his little wishes.’
    • ‘His eyes sparkled with merriment as he raised a dark brow in Hayden's direction.’
    • ‘The marriage to Kelly was a source of happiness and merriment.’
    • ‘With Liam on the microphone it will be a night packed with fun and merriment.’
    • ‘Walking down the corridors of Pittodrie Stadium is like running a gauntlet of mirth and merriment.’
    • ‘Much merriment and fun to be had by all accounts but not many appropriate partners to be found.’
    • ‘I heard gaiety and merriment, and then we reached the fire.’
    • ‘Still, enough of this mirth and merriment, just because it's Friday doesn't mean we should go to pieces.’
    high spirits, high-spiritedness, exuberance
    cheerfulness, gaiety, fun, effervescence, euphoria, exhilaration, elation, verve, buoyancy, carefreeness, blitheness, levity, zest, sportiveness, liveliness, cheer, joy, joyfulness, joyousness, jolliness, jollity, happiness, gladness, exultation, rejoicing, jocundity, jocularity, conviviality, festivity, merrymaking, revelry, mirth, mirthfulness, glee, gleefulness, laughter, hilarity, light-heartedness, amusement, pleasure
    larking about
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