Definition of meronym in English:



  • A term which denotes part of something but which is used to refer to the whole of it, e.g. faces when used to mean people in I see several familiar faces present.

    • ‘This time we will add meronyms to describe the ingredients of my favorite cookie, and add a hypernym for ‘dessert’.’
    • ‘A finger is a part of a hand, thus hand is the holonym of finger; and finger is a meronym of hand.’
    • ‘Meronyms - words that name a part of what your keyword or keyphrases signify (e.g. ‘brim’ and ‘crown’ are meronyms of ‘hat’)’
    • ‘Meronyms tend to occur most frequently in connection with words denoting physical objects.’
    • ‘The relation is inversible: if A is a meronym of B, then B is holonym of A.’


From Greek meros ‘part’ + onuma ‘name’.