Definition of merlon in English:



  • The solid part of a crenellated parapet between two embrasures.

    • ‘I leaned on the embrasure between the teeth of the merlons and watched the activity on the streets below slowly die as the shadows drew longer.’
    • ‘I ducked back behind the merlon and yelled down to the Greens in the courtyard behind the south gate, ‘Down, three marks.’’
    • ‘Her fingertips brush absently at a potted plant that sits before her, in one of the gaps between the toothlike blocks of green stone (merlons) that, in a castle, would have protected against enemy arrows.’
    • ‘Crenellations (merlons) on the perimeter of the roof were repaired or rebuilt.’


Early 18th century: from French, from Italian merlone, from merlo ‘battlement’.