Definition of mercuric chloride in English:

mercuric chloride


mass noun
  • A toxic white crystalline compound, used as a fungicide.

    Chemical formula: HgCl₂

    • ‘Subsequent research by Hutchings confirmed this prediction and gold catalysts were found to be about three times more active than the commercial mercuric chloride catalysts then used in vinyl chloride manufacture.’
    • ‘So sources like medical waste incinerators and municipal waste incinerators emit almost entirely in this mercuric chloride form.’
    • ‘Lp of the youngest zone was lowered by mercuric chloride treatment, indicating the involvement of mercury-sensitive water channels (aquaporins).’
    • ‘Well we've had a number of specimens that were treated in the past with mercuric chloride.’
    • ‘Effect of mercuric chloride on solute permeability of hydrogen peroxide in a Chara internode.’
    • ‘Zn [CI.sub.2] is more soluble than mercuric chloride, and in our study it was administered at a higher concentration than was mercury.’
    • ‘A ratio of 6-8 moles ALA per mole mercuric chloride was necessary to allow the mice to survive mercury poisoning.’
    • ‘It was noted that a sub-set of hypoxia-induced genes were activated in cells deficient in copper and in cells that were oxygen deprived in the presence of mercuric chloride, an antagonist of the copper-deficiency response.’
    • ‘Okada's descriptions were from sections of paraffin-embedded material that had been fixed in Flemming's solution or a saturated solution of mercuric chloride in seawater.’
    • ‘My wife and I met 49 years ago in London over the treatment of a young Army woman called Janet, who had tried to commit suicide by drinking mercuric chloride disinfectant.’
    • ‘Cells with a short T responded to the aquaporin blocker mercuric chloride.’
    • ‘Mercury Additive - - Prepare a concentrated mercury solution by mixing 1g of mercuric chloride with 30 ml distilled water.’
    • ‘The effects of mercury, commonly applied as mercuric chloride, were first assessed on plant aquaporins that had been functionally expressed in Xenopus oocytes.’
    • ‘A lower level of ALA actually increased the mercury toxicity (a molar ratio of 2 moles ALA to 1 mole mercuric chloride or lower) above control levels.’