Definition of mercifulness in English:


Pronunciation /ˈməːsɪfʊlnəs//ˈməːsɪf(ə)lnəs/


  • See merciful

    • ‘For we find the forgiveness of our trespasses in the forgiving of our brothers; and the mercy of God is hidden in mercifulness to our neighbor.’
    • ‘Pilate is out of his league as he faces Jesus' strong resistance, mysterious mercifulness and unrelenting compassion.’
    • ‘The sad irony of it all is that God's infinite mercifulness extends to the nether limits where our present breed of politicians abound.’
    • ‘His belief in God's abiding mercifulness leads him to conclude that the torment of hell cannot be eternal: ‘there was a time when sin did not exist, and there will be a time when it will not exist’.’
    • ‘A Samaritan is used as an example of the mercifulness that all disciples ought to demonstrate.’