often the merchant navy
  • A country's commercial shipping, as opposed to that involved in military activity.

    • ‘Prime Minister Curtin emphasized Australia's need for an adequate merchant navy and shipbuilding and repair facilities.’
    • ‘For several years Pádraig served as a radio officer on board many ships of the merchant navy.’
    • ‘He became a steward in the merchant navy, and was a trade union activist.’
    • ‘He was a scout messenger during the war and then spent 15 years in the merchant navy.’
    • ‘Otley-born Roy left school at 14, joined the merchant navy at 15 and by the time he was 18 had made eight Atlantic crossings.’
    • ‘The happy couple met while they were both in the merchant navy in 1948, but only starting going out together a decade ago.’
    • ‘Their father, who was in the merchant navy, died in May after undergoing a heart operation at the age of 54.’
    • ‘My father may have been in the merchant navy, but that doesn't mean there's salt water coursing through my veins.’
    • ‘Frankie thinks his dad doesn't see them because he's away at sea with the merchant navy.’
    • ‘Ninety per cent of the merchant navy had to be handed over, along with 10 per cent of the cattle and a substantial proportion of the rolling stock of the state railway.’
    • ‘The law was originally designed to protect the merchant navy from financial ruin during wartime.’
    • ‘In 1918 he joined the merchant navy, then did military service before returning to Paris in 1922.’
    • ‘A musical career proved fruitless, however, and he joined the merchant navy and later, legend has it, became a pirate.’
    • ‘In her old age the Cutty Sark became a merchant navy training ship.’
    • ‘Vance seemed to have had it relatively easy, helped by a former job in the catering division of the merchant navy.’
    • ‘On finishing school he joined the merchant navy.’
    • ‘Then he left school, an unqualified bully, and joined the merchant navy.’
    • ‘I was in bad situations during the seven years of the war and seven years in the merchant navy after that.’
    • ‘He served in the merchant navy and later the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve.’
    • ‘A graduate with a degree in Marine Engineering can apply for direct recruitment with a merchant navy shipping firm in the engineering department’


merchant navy