Definition of merchandising in English:



mass noun
  • 1The activity of promoting the sale of goods, especially by their presentation in retail outlets.

    ‘problems rooted in poor merchandising’
    • ‘Politics has adopted all the tools of modern merchandising - advertising, polling, telemarketing and demographic targeting.’
    • ‘There, before analysts and shareholders, Wal-Mart execs mentioned Concord among the vendors that helps the retailer pursue creative merchandising.’
    • ‘But now they are moving to a pre-sell system that separates the jobs of sales, delivery and merchandising.’
    • ‘Initiatives like these garnered accolades from the analyst who praised Federated's management and merchandising earlier this year.’
    • ‘In retail businesses, the merchandising of goods is a key part of the success of a store, which means that in many retail stores the merchandise is occasionally rotated - little changes that can make a big difference.’
    • ‘It short, it wanted to manage the Web site like its stores in terms of merchandising, promotions and markdowns.’
    • ‘So we own the patent for customizing branded merchandising over a computer network.’
    • ‘Accompanying the new lines are improved in-store merchandising and marketing that often target youths and stress lifestyle attributes.’
    • ‘International sport has become the prisoner of not much more than multinational merchandising and consumerism.’
    • ‘The ease with which the books' complex plots and mise-en-scene lend themselves to subsidiary rights sales and licensed merchandising in part explains Harry Potter's appeal to commercial media.’
    • ‘We now have a VP of merchandising for each department, like lumber and building materials.’
    • ‘As part of the enterprise programme the women study technology training, business management and merchandising.’
    • ‘Hamleys has been somewhat jinxed over the past five years, with frequent changes of management and poor merchandising.’
    • ‘But forcing faster decisions on leases will make it harder for a retailer that is reorganizing to analyze whether its new merchandising plan is working, Lenhart argues.’
    • ‘Diet companies can reach these people, who are still new to the market, through educational merchandising.’
    • ‘The company runs sales promotions, in-store merchandising, direct marketing and market research for consumer and financial groups and retailers looking to gain exposure to the Russian consumer boom.’
    • ‘This position is based in San Jose and reports to the Creative Manager responsible for creative merchandising and marketing for both Buying and Selling areas of the site.’
    • ‘As jerky companies are putting more marketing dollars behind their products, retailers are responding with a more aggressive approach to in-store merchandising.’
    • ‘Beyond smart merchandising, the critical factor in keeping the mix fresh is maintaining fresh eyes.’
    • ‘A workshop on professional retail window design and merchandising is being held in Sligo, today, Tuesday.’
    1. 1.1 Branded products used to promote a film, pop group, etc., or linked to a fictional character.
      ‘the characters are still popular and found on a wide variety of merchandising’
      • ‘Seems to be once you've made that transition on the music side, the next step is to parlay that notoriety into some kind of merchandising to further brand your identity as this pop, R&B or hip-hop artist.’
      • ‘Sci-Fi was pretty big after the first Star Wars film ‘cause merchandising was proven to be a cash cow of unsuspected proportions.’
      • ‘You may be able to justify paying the likes of him £90,000 a week because he plays the game pretty well and the merchandising linked to his name more than pays for it.’
      • ‘Though Acey has done some writing for the comic strip, most of his work involves either products or publishing, since Garfield has become a merchandising behemoth.’
      • ‘This Pavlovian addiction gets magnified when the merchandising of the cartoon characters starts entering into every nook and corner of the house, be it the lunch box, the school note book or the bathroom towel.’
      • ‘You would tend to think, since there were eight films and all the merchandising, but actually I would put the make-up on about once every other year.’
      • ‘What mystified me was why I saw not a single character or piece of merchandising from The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Victor Hugo's dark tale set in Paris, and a smash Disney film.’
      • ‘Modern-day football for all of its media, money hype and merchandising is devoid of characters like Jimmy.’
      • ‘As the producer of Matrix Reloaded, Andrew Mason explains to Julie Rigg, the project's even bigger and there's a huge merchandising and product range that goes with the release of the film.’
      • ‘Treasure Planet, the latest offering from Disney, has at last set sail onto cinema screens although, as with many children's films these days, the merchandising has been around so long, you will have already met the characters.’
      • ‘While character merchandising had been popular in other media since the 1930s, with Captain Video, DuMont began to tap television's tremendous capacity to meld fantasy and commerce.’
      • ‘Such frantic merchandising is now typical among the major film studios, which can claw back large chunks of their production costs by concluding licensing deals sometimes two or three years ahead of a film's release.’
      • ‘The success of her novels, the films and the merchandising have led to her becoming Scotland's richest woman.’
      • ‘The merchandising is conceived and executed by Kad Entertainments, a company that has expanded from graphics to merchandising and promotion of films.’
      • ‘It also created the whole marketing trend of merchandising tied to a film, which set the stage for the blitz of action figures and other memorabilia surrounding the Star Wars films and others.’
      • ‘Hopefully the company that makes the dolls will also get a merchandising contract for Peter Jackson's upcoming King Kong film…’
      • ‘There was a short-lived Saturday morning cartoon that I remember vividly, and a load of merchandising.’
      • ‘Having fought to maintain some control over the film and merchandising, how does she view the booming market in Potterobilia?’
      • ‘His books have made him a multi-millionaire even though the income from film rights and merchandising has so far been negligible.’
      • ‘I just popped in to show you how clever I was, showing that product placement and merchandising is plain wrong.’