Definition of meranti in English:



mass noun
  • White, red, or yellow hardwood timber from Malaysia or Indonesia.

    This timber is obtained from trees of the genus Shorea, family Dipterocarpaceae

    • ‘Standard species are Douglas fir, pine, and meranti, but other species are available for an up-charge.’
    • ‘Some 874 cubic meters of the confiscated logs were meranti, a mahogany-like wood usually used for plywood and veneer.’
    • ‘These products include plywood (known as lauan or meranti), dowels (used in tool handles such as brooms and mops), rayon, and palm oil.’
    • ‘Among the timber on sale, one is likely to find meranti Jambi and tembesu, two species found only in Bukit Duabelas and Kerinci Seblat forests in Jambi.’
    • ‘Refrigerator cabinet doors and the front of the bar featured imported meranti pine.’


Late 18th century: from Malay.