Definition of meperidine in English:



  • another term for pethidine
    • ‘The most common types of prescription drugs abused by young adults are pain relievers, which include codeine, methadone, meperidine, percocet, hydrocodone, and oxycodone.’
    • ‘Opioid analgesics such as meperidine and butorphanol are sometimes required to abort severe migraines.’
    • ‘Although narcotics such as codeine, morphine and meperidine are effective in suppressing pain, they do nothing to treat its underlying cause, and they have the side effects of dependence and disorientation.’
    • ‘Nonepidural pain relief usually involves the administration of opiates such as meperidine.’
    • ‘An expert panel determined, for example, that pain relievers like meperidine and pentazocine carry more risk than benefit for the elderly.’


1940s: blend of methyl and piperidine.