Definition of mental block in English:

mental block


  • An inability to recall something or to perform a mental action.

    ‘I must have formed a mental block on the exact details’
    • ‘This sort of a mental block, in fact, makes them hesitant to come out of their shell in classroom situations.’
    • ‘Sometimes there is a mental block up there and if you can't get over the fact of where you are now and still relax and go ahead and let it flow from you, then sometimes you're going to have some problems.’
    • ‘Thanks to my current budgetary situation I haven't really been using cash machines that much all year, and in the last month not at all, so when I went to the machine last week I found myself with a mental block.’
    • ‘A feeling of not being accepted, not wanted and loved arises out of a mental block created by this pressure.’
    • ‘The students were asked to leave their footwear outside the hall along with their inhibitions and mental blocks.’
    • ‘We need to overcome the mental block of panicking towards the closing stages of a match and letting in crucial goals.’
    • ‘There were the all too familiar problems that all beginners struggle with: lack of co-ordination, a sudden mental block on which is the left and right foot and a certain degree of chaos with direction.’
    • ‘Incidentally, I know I need to update the blogroll, but for some reason I have a mental block.’
    • ‘There is a big mental block to memorizing anything, but once you get going, it becomes fun and easy.’
    • ‘Many people have a mental block when it comes to accepting the fact that you can earn a living outside the traditional permanent job model with which we have lived for 100 years.’
    • ‘Andrews did admit, however, that he had developed a mental block that affected his throws to first base.’
    • ‘In 1992 he went to a therapist, thinking his inability to produce a legitimate tenor sound was due to a mental block.’
    • ‘There are plenty of fighters in the boxing world who seem to have mental blocks or even vendettas against fighters they've fought numerous times, especially if they lost a title to them.’
    • ‘One of the first things that I look for in any software program is the availability of technical support, online help and tutorial documentation in case I run into a sudden mental block.’
    • ‘There was a mental block, created by underlying fear of falling, which was telling my fingers to hold on while my ‘active’ mind, my awareness, was telling my fingers to let go.’
    • ‘One of the basic principles behind the techniques he uses is that stress creates mental blocks which hamper learning, even in adulthood.’
    • ‘I sat down today to begin writing my article (late as always, I've never much been one for preparation!) and hit a mental block.’
    • ‘Perhaps for that reason, I have developed a mental block that prevents me from just shrieking, ‘Buy this now!’’
    • ‘He is among the handful of persons, who have emerged successful in the industrial sector in Madurai, shedding the mental block that location is an all-important factor for starting an enterprise.’
    • ‘I still do sometimes… when I have a difficult assignment, I will just get stuck, I'll get a mental block, and I'll end up screaming and crying to my parents over the phone.’
    shyness, reticence, self-consciousness, reserve, diffidence, bashfulness, coyness, embarrassment, unease, wariness, reluctance, discomfort, hesitance, hesitancy, apprehension, nerves, nervousness, insecurity
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