Definition of menologion in English:



  • A calendar of the Greek Orthodox Church containing biographies of the saints.

    • ‘Text manuals are the result of compilation from many different sources: menologia, synaxaria, hagiographic literature, liturgical books and descriptions of actual paintings.’
    • ‘Some of these menologia have double inscriptions, both Greek and Iberian, which disclose a close relation between the Monastery of St. Catherine and the Church of Georgia.’
    • ‘As in the original manuscript the homilies did not follow any logical order, the anonymous scribe felt it necessary to rearrange the texts according to the liturgical calendar of the Byzantine Church; he, therefore, made them follow the order of the liturgical readings: menologion, triodion, pentekostarion, and orthros.’
    • ‘But even this icon differs fundamentally from ours because it typifies the tradition of frontally standing saints followed in menologia.’
    • ‘This paper proposes to study these stereotypes and see if and how they evolve with the different rewritings of the Lives: from premetaphrastic Lives, to metaphrastic Lives, to the summaries introduced in menologia.’


Early 18th century: from ecclesiastical Greek mēnologion, from Greek mēn ‘month’ + logos ‘account’.