Definition of mendicancy in English:



  • See mendicant

    • ‘The Guru was opposed to mendicancy and parasitical living.’
    • ‘Pankaj is like those dilettantes one reads about in Somerset Maugham, who fear boredom more than old age, death, poverty or mendicancy.’
    • ‘The French Constituent Assembly set up a commission on mendicancy and in 1796 legislation provided for hospices for the sick and required every commune to organize a bureau de bienfaisance for outdoor relief.’
    • ‘For the Buddha's monks this meant a life of mendicancy, of poverty but not of self-mortification, of celibacy and of gentle honesty.’
    • ‘True to his vow of mendicancy he had relinquished the long held post of Prime Minister of Vijayanagara, the legendary Hindu kingdom he was instrumental in establishing with Harihara and Bukka in AD 1336.’