Definition of mend one's pace in English:

mend one's pace


  • Go faster; alter one's pace to match a companion.

    • ‘But they are a’ away to their dinner to the change-house, and if we dinna mend our pace, we'll come short at meal-time.’’
    • ‘James, being ambitious to mend his pace, tugged hard at the rein, and one of his rider's boots escaped from the stirrup.’
    • ‘We thus came out upon the main ridge, where a casual glance at the communal watch showed us that if we wished to get within striking distance of our summit we should have to mend our pace.’
    • ‘The train was still moving slowly, although beginning to mend her pace, and the drunkard got his feet without a fall.’
    • ‘As soon as Constantine heard of their departure, he sent a chiding letter to Mahan, and bade him mend his pace.’