Definition of mend one's manners in English:

mend one's manners


  • Act more politely.

    ‘from the fact that I wasn't instantly told to mend my manners, I knew she felt guilty’
    • ‘If he would mend his manners the man would soon understand him and reform his own.’
    • ‘He went to Rome to atone but did not mend his manners.’
    • ‘The naughty pair have been banished to the nursery to learn a Bible verse for repentance, and Tabby to the cellar to mend her manners.’
    • ‘I told him I'd leave him if he didn't mend his manners, and he wouldn't; so I left him.’
    • ‘His friends in Philadelphia, Adams told his wife,’ send me kind messages to inform me that unless I mend my manners, I shall never be President.’