Definition of men's movement in English:

men's movement


  • (chiefly in the US) a movement aimed at liberating men from traditional views about their character and role in society.

    • ‘Robert Bly is the author of the bestseller Iron John, which launched the men's movement to national fame, as well as ten collections of poetry and, most recently, The Sibling Society.’
    • ‘Bly laid the foundations of a new men's movement, distributed New Warrior News and wrote Iron John, which became a bestseller.’
    • ‘Here Doyle's rhetoric begins to echo the US men's movement that campaigns bitterly - if rather quietly - about women controlling the domestic agenda, and tyrannising men with their strident demands for independence.’
    • ‘This study, then, has sought to shed initial light on one of the most visible and controversial men's movements in America today.’
    • ‘She asks why men haven't got together and formed a men's movement.’