Definition of memory chip in English:

memory chip


  • A tiny wafer of semiconducting material in which data or program instructions can be stored for retrieval.

    ‘prices for 128Mb memory chips continued to nosedive last month’
    • ‘The module is designed with memory chips on one side only.’
    • ‘The world's largest maker of computer memory chips said sales rose 52.3 percent.’
    • ‘The problem with memory chip players is the cost of the media.’
    • ‘They built a tiny 64-bit memory chip using molecular devices as active switches.’
    • ‘The capacity of a memory chip is measured in megabits and the speed at which it can receive data in megahertz.’
    • ‘The card comes with 64mb of DDR graphics memory chips, which operate at 250mhz.’
    • ‘The company makes a wonderful dynamic random access memory chip, or DRAM.’
    • ‘Each ticket contains a contactless memory chip, which allows the cards to be returned and re-issued to new passengers.’
    • ‘The factory produces flash memory chips like those used in the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.’
    • ‘The spot price of a benchmark 256MB memory chip fell to US $3.27.’
    • ‘Speeds are increasing in the memory chip line.’
    • ‘This will complement its existing PC and memory chip businesses.’
    • ‘The tape cassette has a tiny memory chip that stores a thumbnail photo of each new video segment that you record.’