Definition of memory cell in English:

memory cell


  • A long-lived lymphocyte capable of responding to a particular antigen on its reintroduction, long after the exposure that prompted its production.

    • ‘Immune memory cells survive in the host for extended time, retaining their capacity to recognize specific antigens and kill the cells bearing these antigens.’
    • ‘If this is so, then animals living in a pathogen-free environment presumably have fewer memory cells and more naive cells than do animals exposed to bacteria, viruses, and parasites throughout their lives.’
    • ‘Both types of rejection leave memory cells that remain in circulation to mobilize the immune system if the same foreign antigen is reintroduced.’
    • ‘These established memory cells will then be capable of rapidly proliferating upon initial virus infection.’
    • ‘Once the antigenic stimulation is removed, lymphocytes become quiescent and only some remain viable as memory cells.’