Definition of membraneous in English:



Anatomy Zoology
  • See membrane

    • ‘The ‘paala’ is non-absorbent, has a membraneous coating and could be used as an eco-friendly substitute for plastic glasses and vessels.’
    • ‘Each flower, surrounded by a thin membraneous sheath, topped a short pedicel that elongated during the last stages of flower development up to anthesis.’
    • ‘Autopsy has revealed edema in the membraneous labyrinth so that it is always a good idea to eliminate salt from the diet as it can aggravate conditions of edema and fluid retention.’
    • ‘In the organelles membraneous structures almost completely disappeared; however, some wavy membrane remnants could still be present beside one or two linear membranes lying under the external envelope.’
    • ‘Cucullus also shares some features with Sinospongia: both have a membraneous, tubular or sac-like construction.’