Definition of melon hole in English:

melon hole


  • another term for gilgai
    • ‘A melon hole is a depression in the ground, they seem to occur in the black soil areas and brigalow country.’
    • ‘We've got the offsets hooked up and we're working up a lot of the newer dryland country so that we can put a grader board across it to fill in some melon holes and just generally smooth it out a bit.’
    • ‘The beach was a series of melon holes with a fairly solid outer gutter that had few breaks through it.’
    • ‘Mr Nason runs a 700 cow breeder herd and grows a range of grain and forage crops on Banoona, east of Roma, where he says ‘every paddock has a melon hole and a pine tree, meaning it is good grazing land but difficult farming’.’
    • ‘The Multiplanter's ability to follow the soil surface over melon holes makes it a highly versatile machine.’