Definition of melodramatize in English:


(also melodramatise)


  • See melodrama

    • ‘I don't like to melodramatise, but I'll always cherish our time together, you know, just in case.’
    • ‘By allegory and by exaggeration the gangster genre melodramatized the social Darwinism of the marketplace, rendering it for popular consumption.’
    • ‘With text, the little comic books melodramatize the artist's archetypal struggle to find self-expression: ‘I know what to do - I just don't know if I'm doing it.’
    • ‘I am fine with reality being dramatized, but I'm not comfy with it being melodramatized.’
    • ‘Mr. Bloom's position, in love with an unfaithful wife, too well-meaning and congenial to stand up for himself, is not less poignant because Joyce refrains from melodramatizing its poignancy.’