Definition of mellophone in English:



  • A brass instrument similar to the orchestral French horn, played in military and concert bands.

    • ‘When they reappear, in their hands are drums, mellophone bugles, trumpets, and more - instruments that aid them in their regular performance as a part of the Marine Corps Battle Color Detachment.’
    • ‘And for those who might be curious, I played (in approximately this order) flute, pit percussion, tympani, piccolo, French horn and mellophone.’
    • ‘The mellophone is the marching French horn and looks like a fat trumpet.’
    • ‘Andrea Vasquez gave them a weird look as she ran past, her mellophone dangling from her hands.’
    • ‘I will play for you from my mellophone, Alaric, as I do sometimes.’


1920s: from mellow + -phone.